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PCSO 6D Lotto Result Today Live on Lotto Result. 6D Lotto Draw is Scheduled Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 PM.

Lotto Result Today

6D Lotto3-5-6-5-9-109/16/2023*

6D Lotto is a game modeled around traditional sweepstakes. Originally, 6D Lotto was exclusively played in portions of Luzon. However, it has been conducted nationally starting February 11, 2020. 6D Lotto may now be played every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Each 6D Lotto combination costs ₱10.00 per ticket.

How to Play?

Participants must choose one (1) number from 0 to 9 in each of the six (6) columns of any panel on a play slip. Or they must just tell the lottery teller the numbers and the amount they want to bet. If participants do not have any numbers in mind, they may alternatively choose the Lucky Pick (LP) option.

Ticket prices may vary dependent on the number of marked plays. The participants have to specify the required number of plays in the AMT column. The minimum bet for each combination of six numbers is ₱10.00, however, players may wager more than ₱10.00 per combination.

To play the same numbers for successive drawings, players must select the desired number of draws in the DRAW section. Participants may play from 2 to 6 consecutive draws.

In the event of a mistake, players must check the “VOID” box to indicate that the board is invalid.

  • If there is no FIRST PRIZE winner for a particular draw, the FIRST PRIZE pool amount will be carried forward to the next draw.
  • If there is more than one (1) FIRST PRIZE winner, the prize pool will be split proportionally among the winners’ bets. Each FIRST PRIZE winner is guaranteed a payout of ₱150,000.00 for every ₱10.00 bet.
CATEGORY HOW TO WIN (in exact order) PRIZES (per 10.00 play)
1st Prize 6 of 6 numbers Minimum Guaranteed Amount of 150,000.00
2nd Prize first 5 or last 5 of 6 numbers 40,000.00
3rd Prize first 4 or last 4 of 6 numbers 4,000.00
4th Prize first 3 or last 3 of 6 numbers 400.00
5th Prize first 2 or last 2 of 6 numbers 40.00

The 6-digit game applies a pari-mutuel system to the first prize amount, meaning the amount of the 1st prize is likely to be lower than the published amount depending on the number of winners.

* Pari-mutuel system — prizes are determined based on the total number of sales generated and the number of winners in the particular draw. 

The 6D Lotto draws are broadcasted live over PTV4 channel and/or live streamed over PCSO Official Website, Facebook, and YouTube.