PCSO Lotto 6/42 Result Today

PCSO Lotto 6/42 Result Today Live on Lotto Result. Lotto 6/42 Draw is Scheduled Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 PM.

Lotto Result Today

Lotto 6/4230-39-04-32-42-2909/16/202314,713,518.60

Lotto 6/42 is the premier lottery game, which debuted on March 8, 1995. The game was first released in Luzon, with a second game for the “VisMin” (Visayas and Mindanao) areas as a single unit. On November 9, 2004, the two drawings were subsequently consolidated into a single countrywide drawing.

Lotto 6/42 is the first national lottery game in the Philippines. To win the Initial Jackpot Reward (IJP) of ₱5,940,000.00 (net of agent’s prize fee), players must choose six (6) numbers from 1 to 42 and match all of them to the official winning number combination drawn. The jackpot value continues to rise depending on nationwide sales until a jackpot winner is found!

How to Play?

Each Lotto 6/42 ticket is priced at ₱20. On each board, individuals may pick their own 6-number combination between 1 and 42, or they can play Lucky Pick (LP) and let the computer choose their numbers. In order to play with the same chosen numbers for several drawings, participants must specify their desired number of draws in the DRAW panel.

Additionally, System play is supported for this game. Through playing their favorite System game, players just simply choose the 5R, SYS 7 to SYS 12 option on their payslip and pay the associated fee.

System 5-Roll 37 possible selections 740.00
System 7 7 possible selections 140.00
System 8 28 possible selections 560.00
System 9 84 possible selections 1,680.00
System 10 210 possible selections 4,200.00
System 11 462 possible selections 9,240.00
System 12 924 possible selections 18,480.00

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the six (6) balls numbered 1 – 42 are drawn live on PTV4 and streamed live on PCSO Official Website, Facebook, and YouTube at 9:00 PM.

The jackpot prize will be awarded if a participant’s selected 6-number combination matches the officially drawn 6-winning number combination. The jackpot, however, will be shared equally between the jackpot winners if more than one player chooses the same winning combination of six numbers.

A low-tier or consolation prize is also available for those who match 5 out of 6 numbers or 3 out of 6.

2nd Prize 5 of 6 numbers 24,000.00
3rd Prize 4 of 6 numbers 800.00
4th Prize 3 of 6 numbers 20.00