PCSO Super Lotto 6/49 Result Today

PCSO Super Lotto 6/49 Result Today Live on Lotto Result. Super Lotto 6/49 Draw is Scheduled Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9 PM.

Lotto Result Today

Super Lotto 6/4926-03-46-34-15-2009/17/202358,557,629.80

SuperLotto 6/49 is a 6 out of 49 national lottery game drawn on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SUNDAY, with an Initial Jackpot Prize (IJP) of ₱1,5840,000.00 (net of agent’s prize commission). Super Lotto 6/49, which debuted on July 16, 2000, has a larger pool of numbers from 1 to 49, making the chances of winning lower and the game more difficult to play. The draw mechanics are the same. Currently, the chances of winning are 1 in 13,983,816.

How to Play?

On a play slip, players use blue or black ink or a pencil to circle the six numbers from 1 to 49. Players may play for a Lucky Pick (LP) if they wish their selections to be random. They may play up to six draws in advance by marking the desired number in the DRAW panel. A standard SuperLotto 6/49 ticket costs ₱20.00.

By participating in the SYSTEM, players may boost their chances of winning. They could opt to play Roll 5, Sys 7 to Sys 12 instead.


(with DST)

System 5-Roll 44 possible selections 880.00
System 7 7 possible selections 140.00
System 8 28 possible selections 560.00
System 9 84 possible selections 1,680.00
System 10 210 possible selections 4,200.00
System 11 462 possible selections 9,240.00
System 12 924 possible selections 18,480.00

At least three winning numbers must be matched for a prize to be awarded. In general, the more numbers players match, the greater their prize will be. When six numbers match, a player wins the JACKPOT prize.

2nd Prize 5 of 6 numbers 50,000.00
3rd Prize 4 of 6 numbers 1,200.00
4th Prize 3 of 6 numbers 50.00

Jackpot prize pools carry forward to the next draw when no winners are found for the jackpot. This increases the jackpot. When there are multiple winners, the jackpot prize is divided equally between them.

The Super Lotto 6/49 draws are broadcasted live over PTV4 channel and/or live streamed over PCSO Official Website, Facebook, and YouTube.